Tranquil Beauty-


“The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden”

– Sir Thomas Moore

“A garden created to warm the heart and fuel the soul”


Hillcrest is aptly named; it is nestled at 750metres in a cool climate on the crest of a hillside with captivating valley views.  Heralded by mature whispering pines and snow gums with abundant birdlife and kangaroos that sneak a peek or two, the estate overlooks and takes in the gentle folds and creases of the lovely Binda valley with its old stone heritage buildings.

For this beautifully luxurious and gracious 1870s home reimagined into the 21st century, we set forth to develop an exquisite setting for a rare jewel – a setting that truly reflected the surrounds and its ecology. Consequently, there is delightful formality and structure that transposes into the greater surrounds of meadows beyond  and that allows the magic and mystical nature to come through.

Globe cherry trees Frucitosa Globosa, the pears – Aristocrat, Capital, Snow, Manchurian, Chanticleer, the maples – Lipstick, Negunda, Trident, Crab Apples, London Planes, Magnolia Grandafloras, Indian Bean, Sophoras, Pin Oaks, Liquid Ambers, Olives, Leighton Greens, Simonii Fastigiata Poplars, Cape Chestnuts all combine with hedges of Vibernum, Cherry Laurel and white Escalonia.

As you wander and take in the many joys of this estate and as you take moments to rest throughout, the wonderful peace and tranquillity will allow your soul to breathe and your heart to soar. This truly is a land and landscape that allow reconnection to those deep parts of us that yearn for the nature that truly underpins us and which we are disconnected from in city life. And it is structured for the romantic in each and all of us.


Hillcrest House, Binda, is located in an area renowned for its clean air.  Being on top of the Great Dividing Range at 750 metres above sea level and outside of the Sydney metropolitan area, we enjoy wonderful fresh air.  Fresh air that flows over a diverse, four seasons landscape; a landscape likened at times to the beautiful English Downs. 


Pure country air and our high altitude combined with a complete absence of light pollution from cities and street lights lead to spectacular night skies. Planets, stars and constellations are easily identified against the inky black black backdrop of the universe.  Our star-lit skies at Hillcrest House are awe inspiring.