Luxurious Splendour


“Luxury is only a word… until it brings the experience of a change in lifestyle.

In today’s luxury home, architecture, nature and art blend together to redefine luxury, with homes that not only have quality and elegance, but exclusivity, craftsmanship, uniqueness, state-of-the-art design and amenities in total connection with nature, all in one package tailored to the needs and desires of a very sophisticated clientele.

Architectural luxury homes of this nature must offer utmost privacy and exclusivity. These are homes where time runs at a different speed and nature is blended in, as the most important part of the experience. They are relaxing and private, in perfect balance with nature.”

Haute Residence
Digital Platform for Real Estate & Design Connoisseurs
January 3, 2019


“It is rare to enter a home that is so exquisitely designed that you are immediately transformed by a wealth of texture and colour that is truly beautiful. Annette and Wentworth Hill have created the most beautiful homestead as a loving home designed for discerning guests who wish to enjoy a world-class experience.”

Leanne Whitehouse
Founder and CEO
The Whitehouse Institute of Design

“True luxury has wonderful authenticity” - Wentworth Hill

The eight-year transformation of the 1870s Binda landmark Hillcrest has created a large four-bedroom granite-stone farmhouse of delightful and gracious balance, detail and style. Architecture, nature and art blend together exquisitely.

Luxury is redefined in the most enticing and enchanting manner. The private, exclusive and secluded country landscape with beautiful ecological presence: Exquisite long views, wonderful rolling hills and garden layers radiating out blend nature into a timeless world where relaxation and comfort are at the fore.

“Luxury is in each detail” - Givenchy

Hillcrest House is brimming with art, design and stories told in every room where truly luxury is in the detail and each detail.

The rooms – unusually generous in space – feature art by Dorothy Napangardi of the Aboriginal contemporary art movement,  Robert Hill’s portrait and landscapes and Wendy Arnold’s beautiful mixed media works; Timothy Oulton lights; Asian and European antiques; and superb sculptures.


Unwind in the drawing room with the Cape Cod firebox, enjoying a glass of wine. The veranda room and the veranda each provides perfect spaces to spread out with the newspapers.

In the bedroom virtues include Ralph Lauren and Yves Delorme bedding, with two of the bedrooms with outdoor spaces to relax on and enjoy the exquisite views.

Soak away the pressures of the world in the aged stone bath and enjoy its own private garden of peace and tranquillity. Stretch our with yoga. Or meditate on the boules terraces and take in the early morning freshness or the late afternoon golden rays of the sunsets in this ecological paradise.


To achieve what Hillcrest represents as a world-class experience required “a without-compromise approach”.  Thus a no-expense-spared effort for building and fittings ensured our innovative, craftsman builder Christopher Storey could bring to life Annette and Wentworth’s vision for Hillcrest to redefine the luxury country escape and set a new hallmark in originality.

Raw, sustainable materials compatible with the historic building and sympathetic to the overall structure and environment were gradually sourced. Finishes were critical, including special elements visually and in tactility to enchant the discerning eye.


For eight years we searched globally for the right pieces in furnishings, fittings, paintings, sculptures, objects d’art to enable a level of comfort and visual joy rarely found let alone experienced in a country escape. Pieces were found, imported and especially made  – coming from Europe, West and East Asia and Australia. 

One of the most delightful was on our family doorstep: a very long art nouveau sofa made in Australia in the 1920s for an established family in Sydney’s eastern suburbs that ended up on their country property, and then to be very kindly gifted to us for Hillcrest.

Bit by bit we searched and brought forth to Hillcrest House.


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